How to Book a Cheap Flight to Kolkata?

The "City of Joy" the cultural centre of India, is a city of contrasts, with historical structures coexisting with contemporary skyscrapers and a rich cultural heritage that is harmoniously combined with an exciting nightlife and entertainment. But how do you book cheap tickets to the ‘City of Joy’?

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What Is the Best Time to Visit Kolkata?

The best time to visit Kolkata is in the fall and winter, from October to February when there are plenty of celebrations and ideal weather. Traveler arrivals surge during this season, especially during Durga Puja. Kolkata experiences hot and muggy summers and mild winters due to its eastern tropical climate. The monsoon season is beautiful, but it's not the finest time to visit; summers are the least preferred times to travel.

What Is the Cheapest Day to Visit Kolkata?

If you want to visit Kolkata on a limited budget, get your ticket during the week since many airlines offer special deals and promotions that reduce ticket prices by half when compared to weekend rates. To save money on your plane ticket due to traffic and weekday rush hour, schedule your trip for late at night or early in the morning. To sum up, Tuesday through Thursday are the cheapest day to visit Kolkata.

What Is Kolkata Weather?

Monthly mean temperatures range from 19°C to 30°C, with an annual mean temperature of roughly 27°C. Three seasons—summer, monsoon, and winter—dominate in Kolkata. During dry spells, the maximum temperatures frequently rise beyond 40°C. The summer is hot and muggy, with mean temperatures of roughly 30°C. July sees the most rainfall during the monsoon (350 mm), with a total of 1248 mm over the season out of a yearly total of 1640 mm. The monsoon season's two months October and November mark the change from monsoon to winter. In Kolkata, winter is the most lovely season. Typically, effective winter lasts for just two and a half months, with seasonal lows of 12°C in December and January.

What Is the Best Place to Visit in Kolkata?

This thriving cultural center attracts millions of visitors every year who come to explore its rich history, architecture, and culture. Here are a few best place to visit to Kolkata:

  1. The Oldest Museum in India- The Indian Museum.
  2. The Oldest Port in India- The Kolkata Port.
  3. The World’s Oldest Polo Club- Calcutta Polo Club.
  4. Largest Planetarium in Asia- Birla Planetarium.
  5. Home to the Busiest Cantilever Bridge in the World- Howrah Bridge.