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Representation of the passengers

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  • You have the legal authority to make a legally enforceable commitment.
  • You have given accurate, thorough, and trustworthy information on the website.
  • This website allows you to schedule and organize excursions for you or other users.

Eazyfares.com retains the right to seek verification for any reservation that requires additional cardholder proof. If the necessary documentation is not submitted, the reservation may be cancelled.

Use the Website and Protect Your Privacy

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  • If we include social media in some of our content, you can use it to do whatever these features allow.

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  • Using the book's methods to monitor or copy information from the site or for other illegal purposes without prior written permission.
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  • Attempting denial of service or issuing a denial of service against the website.
  • Otherwise, try to prevent the site from working correctly.

User participation

Message boards, chat rooms, personal web pages or documents, forums, newsletters, and other interactive forms on or through the Website allow users to advertise, contribute, publish, display, or otherwise use can provide. who owns the content or material. All user participation must comply with the standards set out in the Terms of Use. Any user contributions you make to the site will be considered public and non-proprietary.

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Maintenance and Operation:Termination

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Any Customer Service may be terminated or denied for any reason.

Take any action with respect to any user participation that we deem appropriate or appropriate in our sole discretion, including if we believe that the user has violated applicable laws, including the Code of Conduct, or infringed the intellectual property or other rights. It may pose a threat to the rights of a person or organization, the personal security of people using the Site, the public, or may almost cause it to become a company.

Any third party who claims that information you post affects their rights, including intellectual property rights or privacy rights, must notify you or others of their personal information.

  • For any illegal or unauthorized use of this site, please take appropriate legal action, including referral to law enforcement authorities.
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We do not review content before it is published on the site and cannot guarantee that objectionable material will be removed promptly after it is published. We are not responsible for any user's or third party's failure to communicate, discuss, or content. We have no responsibility or liability to any person for performance or failure to perform the activities set forth in this section.


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  • He can deceive anyone.
  • Supporting a crime by advocating, encouraging, or aiding the commission of a crime.
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  • Deceive others or deceive yourself or associate with others or other things.
  • Contests, sweepstakes, and other advertising, contests, or promotions are examples of marketing or sales.
  • If this is not the case, please provide information that gives the impression that it originates from or is endorsed by us or another person or organization.

Copyright Infringement

If you believe a user contribution violates your rights, please read our DMCA Privacy Policy for information on how to file a claim or send us mail. The company has the right to seize funds from criminals.

Do Not Rely on Information Published

Detailed information displayed on or through the website is for informational purposes only. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information. You are solely responsible for any reliance you place on this information. WE DISCLAIM ALL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY FOR ANY RELIANCE UPON ANY SUCH INFORMATION BY YOU OR ANY OTHER WEBSITE VISITOR OR ANYONE NOTIFIED OF ANY OF ITS CONTENTS.

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Changes to Website

The information on this website may be updated at any time, but is not guaranteed to be complete or up to date. All information on the website may be changed at any time, and we have no obligation to update it.

Your Personal Information and Website Visits

Our Privacy Policy applies to all information we collect on this website. By using this website according to our privacy policy, you consent to everything we do with your information.

Online Purchases and Other Terms and Conditions

Our Terms of Sale, incorporated into these Terms of Use, govern all purchases made through our website and any services or information created on the website or resulting from your visit. Some areas, services, or features of the Website may be subject to additional terms and conditions. All other terms and conditions are incorporated into the Terms of Use by this reference.

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You may use these features only as follows: We provide them based on the information supplied and by any additional instructions and conditions we provide for such feature features. You may not:

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  • Taking any action based on the content of this site that is inconsistent with any other provision of these Terms of Use.

The website that links to your website or from which you provide content must comply with all standards specified in the terms of use. You promise to cooperate with us to prevent any infringement or connection immediately. We reserve the right to withdraw linking permission at any time without notice. We reserve the right to disable chat services and connections without notice.

Links from the Website

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Geographic Restrictions

This website is available only to residents of the United States and Canada. We make no representation that the Website or any of its content is appropriate or accessible outside the United States. This website may not be accessible to specific individuals or countries. If you use this site outside the United States, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with local laws. If you reside in a country outside the United States or Canada, you may not do business with or through this Website.

Third Party

You are responsible for any errors in the accuracy of the information you provide. Suppose you use this website to apply on behalf of a third party, such as a family member or travel companion. In that case, such use includes but is not limited to, the credit card holder's address and telephone number. These should be as the financial institution has information for them. You must also inform third parties of all terms and conditions, including any rights or limitations, that apply to any products or services purchased through the Website. Suppose you use the website for or on behalf of a third party. In that case, you agree to indemnify and hold each customer harmless from and against any liabilities, losses, or damages arising from or resulting from the actions of a third party. Any of the above tasks could not be completed. You are solely responsible for any claims you submit, including all fees and liabilities. You acknowledge that the Company has no obligation to provide a refund of any payments.

Travel Assistance

Remember that traveling to some destinations may be riskier than others. You will ensure you meet all immigration requirements and have all necessary documents. The company recommends researching U.S. government travel restrictions, warnings, advisories, and recommendations before planning international travel. Specific websites for some international locations can be found at: www.dot.gov, www.tsa.gov, www.faa.gov, www.treas.gov/ofac, and www.cbp.gov. For more information about foreign entry requirements, please visit this link: https://travel.state.gov/content/passsports/en/country.html. For Travel Department information and alerts, visit https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/alertswarnings.html. Information on the health needs of foreigners can be found at https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel.

According to the Ministry, transportation for pest control is permitted by international law to protect public health, agriculture, and the environment of the website.

The World Health Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization have recommended two methods for disinfection in aircraft:

(1) injecting an atomized disinfectant into the cabin while passengers are on board.

spraying or treating passengers while not on board the airplane. Pesticide residue was found in the interior of the plane. American Samoa has chosen a third approach, which involves using aerosolized disinfectants when passengers are not on board. Although the World Health Organization issued an official statement against killing drones (6-10 November 1995), it found that killing drones is not harmful to human health and is healthy if done well. According to reports, some people may feel discomfort for a while after using aerosol to kill drones. Governments can impose pesticide regulations under the Chicago Convention, which regulates international aviation, if they believe it is dangerous to their health, agriculture, or the environment. Therefore, you should consult your travel agent or airline representative when booking your flight or if you have questions about the rules of your final destination. For more information on pest control, including a list of airlines that require pest control and a list of countries that require pest control, please visit the Department of Transportation.

We do not represent or warrant that travel to any particular international destination is desirable or risk-free. We are not liable for any damage or loss from providing or facilitating access to such sites.

Travel Service Providers

You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of any service provided by a service provider that relates directly or indirectly to your use of this website and any purchases you make, whether or not they are a Travel Service Provider. Subject to the Travel Service rules and restrictions regarding the availability and use of fees, products, or services, if any, including, but not limited to, prompt payment of all fees paid, as selected by you or the Company. All such Travel Service Options, including but not limited to, are made by you or the Company. You acknowledge that any violation of any travel agent's policies, restrictions, and/or purchase conditions may result in cancellation of the reservation or purchase; being refused boarding on any airline, hotel, or vehicle; Any payments made by you for such listings or transactions will be forfeited; The Company will deduct from your account any costs incurred by the Company as a result of or in connection with the breach. You are responsible for all fees, charges, duties, taxes, and/or assessments incurred in connection with your use of this website.

You accept all liability arising from the bankruptcy, restructuring, insolvency, termination, or cancellation of the travel agency.

The company has no information about whether the reservation suits disabled people. Please contact the travel agent directly to inquire about the availability of reservations for people with disabilities.

Find your flight

Flight Tracker is a tracking service that keeps passengers on track and stress-free. The service collects passengers' flight information and provides information about flight delays, cancellations, terminal or boarding areas, etc. It stores information about the passengers and informs them via text messages and e-mails as soon as possible.

If your flight is delayed or canceled, please call our toll-free number to speak with a customer service representative for alternative flight options and helpful advice.

Please note that this service is provided by a third party, Air Legit. Passengers are also advised to check the official website of the relevant airline for details regarding the departure of their flight.

Currency Fees and Funds

Purchasing online is often done multiple ways depending on your IP address and/or the currency you choose to purchase. You will be charged in the currency displayed at checkout. If you use a credit or debit card to shop on the site, please note that due to changes in exchange rates, the amount charged to your credit or debit card or the estimated cost we will give you will vary depending on your debit or credit card. The exchange rate is in effect when you make your appointment, and the exchange rate when it is charged to your credit or debit card (can be calculated using a third-party application). If we need to fund your account, we will refund the amount at the original rate. We are not responsible for exchange rate changes that may cause discrepancies on your debit or credit card. Some credit card companies and banks charge unlimited transaction fees for international transactions. If the payment is converted to your local currency, your bank will charge you a conversion fee. This means that the amount on your credit or debit card will be in your local currency and will differ from the amount shown on the billing page for the website booking. Banks or card companies will consider international travel bookings based on international transactions. Your bank determines exchange rates and foreign exchange fees. This means that on some routes, a commercial or commercial airline does not fly its aircraft to the destination; instead, we contract with a partner airline to fly to the destination. Generally, airline partners are defined as "employees". Normally, you will check with your "employee" carrier; however, it is best to check with your passenger about where your flight will board.

Dangerous Goods

According to federal law, dangerous goods cannot be carried in baggage or on the plane. Depending on the circumstances, a misdemeanor can result in imprisonment of up to 10 years and a fine of $250,000 or more (49 USC. 5124). Corrosive substances, electrical materials, carbon monoxide, flammable liquids, wastes, oxidants, explosives, and poisons are hazardous.


You agree not to purchase tickets containing sections you will not use, such as "Beyond Locations," "Hidden Cities," or "Adjacent Tickets," if prohibited by the relevant airline. You also agree not to purchase travel tickets that you intend to use for only a single trip unless prohibited by the applicable airline. You understand that most airlines prohibit any conduct/ticket purchase and that we cannot guarantee that the appropriate airline will honor your ticket if you conduct such direction. You agree to pay and hold the flight free of claims based on these or other restrictions that do not make a difference between the total price of your actual route and the price of your purchased ticket.

Flight Segments

Most airlines require flight coupons to be used with the order. If you do not cancel all or part of the flight itinerary/journey you will not be using before departure for a leg of your journey(s), you will have to pay all or part of the cost of your ticket to the airline. Depending on airline rules applicable to your purchase price.

Flight Taxes for Published Prices

Includes travel expenses, applicable taxes, and airline fees, either included in your fare or listed separately on your account page. The tax deducted when you purchase your ticket will be applied to the price of your ticket. Travelers can be guaranteed a tax refund. For international flights, there may be departure and entrance fees that are not included in the tour price or stated on the account page. Published air travel involving multiple carriers may be charged a non-refundable fee per ticket. Your travel on some international flights may be subject to additional fees, such as ticket fees, change, cancellation or refund fees, baggage fees, and boarding or departure fees. In no case will our company be liable for any taxes, duties, or charges (except for your income tax).

Returns and Refunds

  • After 24 hours, ticket and service fees incurred for the purchase will not be refunded.
  • However, a cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Tickets can be canceled for a fee by calling our 24-hour customer service line within 24 hours after purchase.
  • In cases not specified, no ticket refund will be made, and the entire amount will be canceled by the airline. To make sure you get your flight, please call us at least 4 hours before your flight.
  • According to airline rules, it is forbidden to change the passenger's name when purchasing a ticket. Any changes to the itinerary are limited and restricted by the relevant airlines.
  • Tickets purchased within 7 days (168 hours) from the travel date are non-refundable. Hotel and car rental payments are non-refundable under these circumstances. On the other hand, hotel and car rental service fees are refunded.

All cancellations of flight tickets must be made by phone. Refund requests will only be considered if the following conditions are met:

  • You request cancellation from us, and the refund is permitted under applicable regulations.
  • Unless you plan to demonstrate "no". "No report" refers to a situation where the passenger is not at the airport when the flight is scheduled and does not inform the airline. Generally, a "no report" booking is not eligible for a refund waiver from the supplier.
  • In case of successful cancellation and refund, we may obtain a waiver from our supplier. However, we may only sometimes be able to achieve this.

We cannot estimate how long it will take to process refund requests. Once forwarded to our customer service representative, an e-mail notification will be sent to you stating that your cancellation request has been received. However, receiving notification does not guarantee that you will receive a refund. This email only confirms receipt of your order with the tracking number. We will contact third parties such as airlines, hotels, and car rental companies for exemptions only if your cancellation and refund request qualifies for a refund. The seller's decision is final, and you will be informed.

Seats, meals, frequent flyer miles and other special requests available.

Please note that any special requests you make for seats, meals, frequent flyer miles, or anything else are considered requests only. In case of cancellation, we will charge a service fee of up to $10 in addition to the seat fee based on your special request. We are not responsible for the allocation of your chosen seat to you. Likewise, we cannot guarantee that the airline will accommodate your meal, frequent flyer, or other special requests. It is therefore recommended that you contact the airline directly before your departure date to obtain confirmation of these requests.

Fee and Policy

Since most airlines now charge fees even for first-checked bags, it is recommended to travel light to save on the baggage fee experience. For more information on each airline's baggage fees, please visit our baggage fees page. If you have excess baggage, you must pay the extra baggage fee determined by the airline and its baggage policy. Baggage fees vary by airline and can range from $15 to $200 or more depending on the size, weight, and amount of luggage. However, in case of cancellation, service and baggage fees can go up to $12 on some flights, which is non-refundable. We strive to provide the most up-to-date information regarding baggage fees, but we recommend contacting your airline directly for the most up-to-date baggage policy.

Some airlines may charge you additional fees for certain airport services and/or if the limits set by certain airlines are exceeded. Additionally, some airlines do not offer free baggage allowance. All airlines must be contacted directly when booking for details regarding baggage allowance and any other additional fees that may apply.

Entry and Exit Fees

Some countries or airports charge entry and exit fees. These fees are in addition to the ticket prices or fees and taxes listed on our website. You agree that all such charges will be your responsibility. We recommend visiting www.travel.state.gov before departure to learn about entry and exit fees.

Time Limits on Claims

Any claim for damages arising out of or in connection with these Terms or the Website must be commenced one (1) year before the occurrence of the action. Otherwise, it will be forever barred.

Waiver and Severability

No waiver by the Company of any term or condition set forth in these Terms of Use shall be deemed a new waiver or continuing waiver of such term or condition or any other term or condition, and the Company at this moment disclaims any rights under these Terms of Use. or provision shall not be deemed to be a waiver or provision of this right. Suppose any provision of this User Agreement is determined by a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable for any reason. In that case, such provisions may be eliminated or limited to the minimum extent, and the main provisions of this User Agreement will remain in effect. The terms of use are in full force and effect.

Credit/Debit Cards

  • The Company accepts credit/debit cards issued in the United States, Canada, and many other countries. AE/AP payment address is also acceptable.
  • Please note that your credit/debit card will be charged multiple times in total, and the final amount you will pay will be the sum of these charges.
  • If your credit/debit card or other payment method is not accepted or processed for any reason, you will receive a notification within 24 hours. For options without a credit/debit card, this period may take more than 24 hours.
  • You can also be notified of changes in flight prices or other changes before completing the payment process. Remember, you can only accept or reject this change after you have been notified of the change. If you choose to decline this transaction, your credit/debit card will not be charged.
  • Hotel and car rental reservations are considered confirmed only upon completion of the confirmation information sent to the email address you provided at the time of booking. Some reservations may require prepayment before confirmation.
  • To ensure you are safe online, we may refuse to take specific actions if our screening process determines they pose a high risk. These payments will only be processed if our credit card verification team determines that these payments are secure. We may contact you, your bank, or your credit/debit card company to determine the accuracy of these changes.

Offers and discounts

Only flight bookings are eligible for promotional codes. These promotional codes must be entered at the time of purchase. The promotional codes shown below, together with other promotional codes on the website and in the newsletter, reduce the cost of our services. Save up to $10 per traveler using these codes. Other promo codes and promo codes listed above cannot be combined with other promo codes, promotions, or special promotions. These published numbers will be deemed invalid, and no warning will be given. Each customer can use this promotional code only once.

Please note that Eazyfares.com can only offer promotional codes valid for online travel. On the other hand, some eazyfares.com promotions can only be used by contacting our Customer Service Center.

  • Please sign up for our newsletter to receive the coupon code via email.
  • The price of our service fee and/or Traveler service fee is the maximum discount you can receive with promotional code eazyfares.com.
  • eazyfares.com promotional codes are non-transferable. It cannot be sold or exchanged for something else. They are worthless.

To benefit from the discount, a valid promotional code must be entered in the promotional code field on the payment page. If the code is entered incorrectly, the discount will not be valid or applied. You can choose to remove your product or service if a business issue occurs, such as an invalid code or the ad section being unreachable. However, the coupon cannot be used after the purchase is completed.

Combo Fare

  • This package includes two or more one-way tickets.
  • Each ticket has different details depending on the airline.
  • Change or cancellation of one ticket does not apply to the other ticket.
  • Any changes to your ticket will be subject to a fee.
  • The customer must make any changes or cancellations to the itinerary.

Upgrade included

  • seat selection
  • Inner baggage
  • General check-in

The itinerary consists of two or more one-way tickets; each one-way ticket has different details depending on the airline. To optimize your trip, all tickets must be updated individually and are subject to a change fee.

All Agreements

The Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy, and the DMCA Privacy Policy and Terms of Sale constitute a binding and binding agreement between you and eazyfares.com with respect to this website and all prior and existing agreements WRITTEN AND ORAL with respect to this website. AGREEMENT, CONTRACT, and declarations are the body and responsibility of the site. The parties agree that this Agreement and all documents directly or indirectly related to it will be written in English.

Cancellation Policy

  • To be valid, all cancellations must be made through eazyfares.com.
  • All reservations will be refunded without payment of the reservation fee. On the other hand, refunds of reservation fees vary depending on the service provider.
  • Withdrawals can be made up to six hours in advance.
  • No refunds will be given for unused accommodation. MMS fees and booking fees are non-refundable.

Please check the cancellation and payment terms and conditions of your reservation carefully when purchasing. Payment, cancellation, and change terms and conditions apply to all services on this website.


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