• It is crucial to review the trip you have chosen before confirming it and proceeding to the payment process with the representative.
  • Most airlines do not allow you to change names or may charge an absurd high cost for name correction. Hence, your name as well as all other necessary details on the booking should exactly match the governmental documents.
  • In case you have a single name on a document like a passport, kindly let the representative know in advance to have a seamless and hassle-free booking.
  • Any costs incurred as a result of name correction are the customer's responsibility and will not be held against eazyfares.com.

Total Fare- This covers the basic cost, fuel and airport fees, as well as any other applicable taxes and fees, including the service charge for eazyfares.com. It does not, however, include the fees associated with optional services like baggage check-in, special assistance, and seat selection in advance.

  • Your consent to charge the agreed amount in multiple splits, including but not limited to airline, ARC, eazyfares.com, agent fee, etc., is expressed in your authorization for the entire charge.
  • com does not guarantee seat requests, meal requests, or requests for special help such as a wheelchair or bassinet. These requests are only accepted.
  • Airlines' baggage allowance varies depending on the type of ticket and the destination, so no assumptions about baggage allowance are allowed. For example, most airlines will only offer handbag fares or no check-in when flying from the United States to Europe. As a result, please confirm the baggage allowance before making your reservation.
  • Tickets are not guaranteed until they are paid in full. It could take up to 12 hours after your card payment is processed for the e-ticket to be emailed to the email address you registered.
  • The onus is on the traveller to secure the necessary visa for both the final destination and the transit cities. At no stage will eazyfares.com be responsible for any losses brought on by a lack of legitimate travel documents.
  • You may find out more about the documentation and visa requirements for your trip at https://www.iatatravelcentre.com. Alternatively, you can contact the consulate or embassy of the country you will be visiting to obtain specific information about the necessary documents.
  • Only the fare regulations apply to changes to the reservation. eazyfares.com disclaims any liability for any losses resulting from booking modifications that are prohibited by the airline or pricing restrictions. Thus, carefully read the booking terms and conditions to be precise during the booking process.
  • We advise purchasing changeable tickets, which could be more expensive in these situations, to avoid losing all of your money in the event of last-minute modifications. Changes are contingent upon seat availability, and any fare difference in addition to the change and service fees may need to be paid.

Non-Refundable/No-show: since we typically work with negotiated and discounted pricing, the majority of tickets will not be refundable unless you specifically request a refundable ticket at the time of booking. Refunds are not available for trips that are partially or never used.

● It is highly requested to provide us at least 72 hours' notice for any requests for flight modifications, date changes, or cancellations as the fees may increase for flights leaving less than 72 hours' notice.

● A "No Show" cost will be assessed by certain airlines in addition to the change fee and pricing difference.

  • Subject to the status updates provided by the airline in the GDS (Reservation System), we will attempt to notify you of any schedule changes occurring up to 72 hours prior to departure. However, in the event of any last-minute changes, we advise travellers to confirm the flight status with the airline within 72 hours of departure. Visit our Schedule Change Handling Policy to learn more about this.
  • If your travel outline includes two different tickets operated by more than one airline, it is climacteric to go through the terms and conditions of each airline that can be found on the websites of each airline.
  • All airlines have their own restrictions, rules and fees. The customer may be liable for any penalties or ticket costs spent for making adjustments to the unaffected flight if one of these flights is impacted by an airline change (such as cancellation or rescheduling) that forces the customer to make changes to the other itinerary.
  • These airlines might impose additional costs for requests for replacements, refunds, or modifications. The terms and regulations of each airline may vary, thus it is your responsibility to abide by them (for example, check-in hours and baggage size/weight limits).

Domestic Travel Check-in Requirements: For domestic flights in the United States, Canada, and India, it is recommended to check in at least two hours before departure. is, however, subject to increase depending on traffic and additional circumstances that arise for operational reasons. At least 45 minutes prior to your planned departure time, you must check in.

International Travel Check-in Requirements: Three hours should be allowed for arrival at the airport before the departure of international flights. is, however, subject to increase depending on traffic and additional circumstances that arise for operational reasons. At least sixty minutes prior to the time of your scheduled departure, you must check in. Any consumer checking in, baggage or not, must meet this minimum criteria.

Note: For any requests made after a reservation, such as handling schedule changes, name changes, cancellation requests, and date changes, eazyfares,com is allowed to charge a service charge of USD 50.


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