Atlanta to New York LaGuardia (ATL to LGA) Flight Reservation

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Important Figures About Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and New York Laguardia International Airport (LGA)

  • On Eazyfares, airline tickets from ATL to LGA, including taxes and carrier fees, start at about $383.
  • The distance between Atlanta International Airport and New York LaGuardia International Airport is 893 miles. 
  • The time it takes to reach your destination should only be two hours and nine minutes, depending on the carrier.
  • There are roughly fifteen direct flights every day from Atlanta to New York LaGuardia.

Facts and Figures of New York Laguardia International Airport

  • Along with Newark and John F. Kennedy Airports, LaGuardia is one of the three major airports that service the city of New York.
  • It serves as a gateway to both New York City and locations around North America, boasting two 7,000-foot runways and four terminals. 
  • The oldest commercial airport in New York City is LaGuardia.

Which Is the Best Time to Visit New York Laguardia From Atlanta?

Early fall brings crisp breezes, brilliant sun, and moderate temperatures, while late fall and winter celebrate with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and holiday decorations. Deep winter (January and February) is frigid, but it also brings lower hotel rates. Spring has arrived, and New Yorkers are celebrating by hitting the streets, visiting outdoor markets, frolicking in Central Park, and dining alfresco.

Top 5 Things to Do in New York Laguardia

Between the mouthwatering pizza and bagels, glimmering skyscrapers, vibrant arts and culture scene, New York or The Big Apple is known throughout the world for its extravagant lifestyle and legendary infrastructures. Here are a few of them which you can try:

  1. Bowery Bay Shops
  2. The Centurion Lounge
  3. American Airlines Admiral's Club
  4. Louis Armstrong House Museum
  5. Planeview Park

What is the procedure to book on “Eazyfares”?

  • Registering or logging in at Eazyfares is the initial step to booking cheap flights.
  • To begin searching for flights, it is crucial to fill out the form with the source, destination, and any other relevant details to portray our requirements.
  • All of the flights that are available will be displayed on the next screen, along with other comparisons depending on your selections.
  • Select the flight option on the form that most closely matches your requirements and price. You also have the option of comparing the airfares of different carriers.
  • Once all of the passenger's information has been entered, click "Book Cart" to complete the flight booking.
  • To continue, click "Submit" once the form has been filled out.

Before paying for your airline ticket, use coupons, vouchers, or your mileage program to considerably reduce the cost. However, purchasing your tickets at least three months in advance is normally recommended to make sure you do not face last minute price hikes.

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